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TV Show Good Morning Texas, March 22, 2012: Girls Inc. ninth-grader, Noemy, who has been actively involved in YWCo showcases some of the product her team creates and sells

Entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, financial literacy. Helping girls ages 12-18 acquire these skills is the focus of The Young Women’s Company (YWCo) Program that Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas created in 1982. Through the program, middle and high school girls manage their own businesses at each campus and learn budgeting practices, marketing principles and career-related skills. Each year, the young entrepreneurs sell gift baskets, greeting cards and other products they’ve created. The proceeds are then used to fund an annual summer college trip, a step towards college readiness. 

How Does the Program Work?

There are 6 positions for each of the businesses at our 4 campuses

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager 
  • Accountant 
  • Inventory Clerk 
  • Secretary 
  • Sales Associate 

The girls apply with a letter of recommendation and interview with board members, typically entrepreneurial women. Once in the program, the girls are required to carefully record their time to meet the requisite hours necessary to maintain good standing. YWCo membership mandates weekly meetings to discuss planning, budget, fundraising ideas and review financials, including income statements, cost of goods sold and other matters concerning running the business. 

Empowering girls with this knowledge and experience prepares them to take charge of their lives and achieve financial independence. 

 You too can be part of their success stories by investing in our programs NOW! 

Media Coverage

Interested in this approach of showing young girls the on-going benefits of becoming product designers and creators, instead of remaining just teen consumers, the popular WFAA Channel 8 show Good Morning Texas featured our Young Women’s Company on its “Family First” segment, which aired on Thursday, March 22, 2012. Our interview team consisted of Girls Inc. ninth-grader Noemy who has been actively involved in the program and was the manager of the YWCo at our Love Field Campus, Teen Facilitator Melissa Stevens, and Chief Program Officer Gracie Tolbert.

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